Memo No. 3ए-2 वे.पु.-16/09-630
Government of Bihar FINANCE DEPARTMENT
Patna, dated- 21st January, 2010
Subject: - Revision of the pay scales of State Government employees with effect from 01.01.2006.
The Government of India has revised pay scales/pay structure on the recommendation of the 6th Central Pay Commission, with effect from 01.01.2006. The State Government vide its Resolution No. 11070 dated 30.12.08, constituted a Pay Committee for recommending inter alia a revised pay structure for the State Government employees in the light of the recommendations made by the Sixth Central Pay Commission for the revised pay structure for employees under the Central Government. On 21th December, 2009 the Pay Committee submitted its Report relating to pay scales and other benefits to the State Government employees.
2. The State Government has given careful consideration to the recommendations of the Pay Committee, alongwith the recommendations of three member Committee constituted vide Resolution no-12203 dated 23.12.09 to scrutinize the recommendations of the Pay Committee, in respect of the State Government employees and have decided to accept the running Pay Bands and Grade Pay based new revised pay structure. Schedule I contains the normal replacement revised pay structure and Schedule II contains the entry pay structure for the new entrants who have been appointed on/or after 01.01.2006. Department wise and post wise existing pay scales and revised scales of pay of the Gazetted and Non-gazetted posts, under the State Government, are at Schedule III.
3. The revised pay structure shall come into effect notionally from 1st January, 2006. However, the actual payments in the revised pay structure would arise with effect from 1st April, 2007. The revised pay structure will apply to all State Government employees who were in service on 1st January, 2006 and to all new appointments made on or after the said date. Provided that in respect of the Government employees who were under suspension or on leave or were not on duty on 1st January 2006, the revised pay structure will be applicable from the date of return to duty and no arrears would be admissible for the period of absence.
The provisions in this resolution unless the context otherwise requires:-

(i) “existing basic pay” means pay drawn in the prescribed existing scale of pay, including stagnation increment(s), but does not include any other type of pay like ‘special pay’ etc.

(ii) “existing scale” in relation to a Government servant means the present scale applicable to the post held by the Government servant (or, as the case may be, personal scale applicable to him) as on the 1st day of January, 2006 in a substantive or officiating capacity.

(iii) “existing emoluments" mean the sum of (i) existing basic pay, (ii) dearness pay appropriate to the basic pay and (iii) dearness allowance appropriate to the basic pay + dearness pay at index average 536(1982=100).

(iv) “present scale” in relation to any post/grade specified in column 2 of the Schedule I.

(v) “pay in the pay band” means pay drawn in the running pay bands specified in column 4 of Schedule III read with Column 4 of the Schedule I.

(vi) “grade pay” is the fixed amount corresponding to the pre-revised Pay scales/posts.

(vii) “revised pay structure” in relation to any post specified in column 2 of Schedule III means the pay band and grade pay specified against that post in column 4 & 5 of Schedule III.

(viii) “basic pay” in the revised pay structure means the pay drawn in the prescribed pay band plus the applicable grade pay but does not include any other type of pay like special pay etc.

(ix) “revised emoluments” means the pay in the pay band plus grade pay of a Government servant in the revised pay structure.

(x) “Schedule" means a schedule appended to this Resolution.
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