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DARBHANGA-District of  Bihar
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DARBHANGA-District of Bihar

Geographical Information Census Blocks of the District District Officials Toursit Places
Geographical Information Census Blocks of the District District Officials Tourist Places
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The district Darbhanga was founded by Darbhangi Khan. Darbhanga comes under Darbhanga Division. The district is situated in Mithilanchal in North Bihar. When the Tirhut division was carved out in 1908, Darbhanga was a part of the Patna division.
Darbhanga is covered by Madhubani district on the north, on the south by Samastipur district, on the east by Saharsa district and on the west by Sitamarhiand Muzaffarpur districts.
The important places to visit are - Ahilya Asthan, Brahmpur, Chhaprar,Kusheshwar-asthan, Kusheshwarasthan Bird Sanctuary Area, Mahinam-Mahadeo-sthan,Makranda, Newri, Nawadah Durga-sthan, Raghopur, Shyama Temple, Sati Asthan,Manokamna Temple, Malechchhed Mardani Temple, Kankali Temple, Catholic Church,Bhikha Salami Majar, Masjid at Darbhanga Tower, The Mazar of Makhdoom Baba,Maharaja Laxmiswar Singh Museum, Chandradhari Museum -Darbhanga.
The district has a vast alluvial plain devoid of any hills. There is a gentle slope from north to south with a depression on the centre. Numerous rivers originating in the Himalayas water this district. Out of these the important rivers flowing through the district are Kamla, Baghmati, Kosi and Kareh.

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